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McMaster aims to trim ‘burdensome’ business regs

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Gov. Henry McMaster was joined by cabinet officials Thursday to announce he has issued an executive order that provides state agencies with guidance on reducing regulations. The order is designed to help maintain and expand the state’s competitive business climate, according to a press release.

“Burdensome regulations must never hurt our main street businesses or weaken South Carolina’s competitive edge in economic recruitment,” McMaster said in a statement. “This executive order demonstrates my administration is committed to a transparent and business friendly regulatory environment that will foster growth and prosperity for all South Carolinians.”

Recognizing that businesses thrive when regulatory enforcement is transparent, consistent and independent from political influence, McMaster said the order establishes a framework to ensure responsible regulation by taking the following steps:

  • Utilizes a common-sense Rotarian style four-part test before promulgating regulations.
  • Identifies current regulations that need elimination.
  • Promotes transparency by posting all information on regulation process online. 

"I applaud Gov. McMaster for his efforts to achieve much needed South Carolina regulatory reform,” said Jim Davis, chairman of the NFIB South Carolina Leadership Council. “I believe this executive order can relieve South Carolina’s small businesses of unnecessary, costly, and burdensome regulations that make it harder to do business here.”

McMaster’s order furthers the work of a previous order issued by former Gov. Nikki Haley, requiring state agencies to participate in a regulatory review, produced beneficial reform and that there is more work to be done in making sure government doesn’t get impede the progress of any business in South Carolina.


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