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Black and Indigenous hunting: Nature organization to offer a culturally rich learning experience for women and men of color

CRBR Biz Wire //October 10, 2023//

Black and Indigenous hunting: Nature organization to offer a culturally rich learning experience for women and men of color

CRBR Biz Wire //October 10, 2023//

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On October 12, 2023, a three-day learn-to-hunt experience designed specifically for Black and Indigenous women and men will take place in rural South Carolina.

Unearthing Joy, a Nashville-based nature organization, is partnering with NonTypical Outdoorsman Inc. and the Santee Wildlife Refuge to host a unique hunting experience. Limited to seven new hunters, the hunt will be a culturally rich experience encompassing Black and Indigenous connections to hunting and conservation, family stories, one-to-one mentorship from experienced Black hunters, and delicious meals of venison prepared by expert cooks and chefs.

The chefs will also demonstrate how to preserve and field-dress the meat in ways that are respectful of the animals and land, while discussing the health benefits of wild game.

Participants will stay on the ancestral land of the family of Ashley Brailsford, founder of Unearthing Joy. Brailsford Gardens & Retreat is located in Summerton, S.C., less than an hour and a half’s drive from both Charleston, S.C. and state capital Columbia, S.C. While located only 20 minutes from towns with retailers, restaurants, and hotels, the property is abundant with plants, animals, water, and peace and quiet.

The hunt will take place in neighboring Santee Wildlife Refuge.

“The point of this hunt is to disrupt traditional images of who hunters are perceived to be,” says Brailsford. “The intention is to build the understanding that hunting has been part of cultures for a long time, out of necessity, but that this traditional knowledge is decreasing over time. Now, because we have fewer hunters, we have an overpopulation of deer, which impacts crops and our ecosystem. We will be focusing on not just hunting, but culture and conservation.”

The cost per participant for the three-day experience will be $350 for those who wish to camp and bring their own gear, or $500 for those who elect to stay in one of the four private rooms in the family house. The fee includes all meals, guns, ammunition, mentorship, safety hat and vest, and the host site.

Prerequisites include an online hunter’s education course through South Carolina’s Department of Natural Resources and the purchase of a hunting and fishing license. For more information on these and the itinerary, visit

Unearthing Joy is on a mission to ensure that every family and community experiences the joy of nature in a way relevant to them. Headquartered in Nashville, Tenn, the organization offers workshops for early educators, community leaders, and others on how to institute culturally centered nature programming; guidance on custom program development for organizations via consultation; and immersive outdoor learning experiences at its nature retreat in South Carolina. For more information, visit