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Giti Tire Awards Chester County Math & Science Competition Student Winners

CRBR Biz Wire //April 13, 2023//

Giti Tire Awards Chester County Math & Science Competition Student Winners

CRBR Biz Wire //April 13, 2023//

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CHESTER, S.C. – Giti Tire, one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers, is pleased to announce the winners of its fifth annual Math & Science Competition in Chester County, where the company maintains its first North American manufacturing facility.

Elementary Division: Chester Park Elementary School of the Arts
Middle School Division: Lewisville Middle School
High School Division: Lewisville High School

Ever since planting a flag in North America with its Chester County plant, Giti Tire has worked to cultivate the next generation of engineers and manufacturers in the local community by investing in education.

The company partnered with the Chester County School District to create Giti Math & Science clubs in schools across the area to help students develop valuable STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) skills. The clubs meet several times throughout the year, culminating with an annual interscholastic contest.

This March Giti sponsored its fifth Math & Science Competition, which encourages Chester County students to get hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology while inspiring them to develop a love of learning and problem-solving.

“Giti Tire is committed to inspiring the next generation of STEAM professionals,” said Phang Wai Yeen, CEO of Giti Tire Manufacturing (USA) Ltd. “Chester County is a wonderful home to us, and one of the best ways we know how to give back to the community is to invest in the future workforce. Exposing students at a young age to the exciting world of technology can spark an interest in the field, and hopefully set them up for a bright future with a rewarding career they are passionate about.”

The competition is divided into three levels – elementary, middle and high school – and has included projects over the years ranging from describing the earth’s continental land forms to applying physics to an egg drop. This year’s project is creating Rube Goldberg machine designed to perform different task such as lighting a bulb for elementary division, popping a balloon for middle school and raising a flag for high school.

Giti Tire congratulates the winners from Chester Park Arts Elementary, Lewisville Middle School and Lewisville High School on their successful projects and applauds all of the students for their enthusiastic participation. Each of the teams demonstrated different strengths, and the competitors showed great skills in ideation, planning and overcoming challenges.

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