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Montessori School of Columbia Achieves Dual Accreditation

CRBR Biz Wire //May 12, 2023//

Montessori School of Columbia Achieves Dual Accreditation

CRBR Biz Wire //May 12, 2023//

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The Montessori School of Columbia (MSC) is now an accredited member of the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS). It also is the only South Carolina school accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS).

The rigorous examination for accreditation from these two entities took place simultaneously. On-campus visits last fall followed years of written examination of strategic plans, budgets, and student performance.

“We are beyond proud that our seven-classroom school, nestled on three acres in the heart of Columbia’s urban neighborhoods, has exceeded all the standards set forth by these two accrediting organizations. Our teachers, our administration, and our community of families set the expectation of excellence.”

To earn accreditation from SAIS, MSC complied with quality standards, was evaluated by an outside group of peer professionals, and implemented a school plan focused on strategic improvement and student performance in accordance with the school’s mission.

A team representing SAIS conducted an on-site visit to review this school’s self-study and standards compliance and its adherence to its mission. The team was comprised of diverse educational leaders from institutions across the region. The visiting team sought the answers to critical strategic questions the school answered during the process of preparing for the visit.

A team representing AMS conducted similar reviews before extending accreditation to MSC, the only Montessori school in South Carolina to achieve accreditation through AMS.

SAIS accredited member schools are part of an international network of accredited schools that have demonstrated success in educating children. As such, SAIS accreditation is recognized throughout the world as a symbol of quality in education for students and teachers.

“We began pursuing accreditation for two reasons: self-improvement and to establish accountability for our current and future families,” Kuse said. “These days, it is not enough to say that you provide a genuine Montessori education, or that your standards are excellent. Parents want to be able to turn to trusted institutions, and SAIS and AMS are the gold standard in our industry.”

MSC has 10 Montessori-accredited teachers, four assistants, and five enrichment teachers as well. The administration is made up of the head of school, assistant head, a chief financial officer, development director, and support staff.

MSC was founded in 1983 by a group of parents who wanted to continue Montessori education at the elementary school level. From those first six students to more than 150 today, MSC now offers pre-school through middle school, applying genuine Montessori philosophy and curriculum at every stage of development. The school is located at 411 S. Maple St., in the Rosewood neighborhood.

For more information, contact Karen Kuse at 803-783-8838. Visit the website for more complete information or to schedule a tour.