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Carolinas' Nuclear Cluster Consortium receives SBA award

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Staff Report
Published Sept. 13, 2011

The Carolinas' Nuclear Cluster Consortium recently received a $592,728 award from the Small Business Administration for the "Regional Innovation Clusters - Nuclear Energy Technology and Components."

This award will initiate the second year of the "Innovative Economies" contract, which was created by the SBA to help small businesses grow and meet critical gaps in industry supply chains.

The Carolinas' Nuclear Cluster, created by New Carolina is a consortium of industry, higher education and nonprofit organizations working in unison to support energy and economic development.

The CNC is comprised of nearly 50 member organizations, and is the only SBA awardee in the Southeast. SCRA is a prominent member of the organization and will bring over 20 years of supply chain expertise and solutions to the CNC.

The Carolinas supply 11.5% of the nation's nuclear energy.  Currently, North Carolina has five nuclear reactors in operation, providing 32% of the state's total electricity generation. South Carolina has seven operating reactors, providing 52% of the state's total electric generation. South Carolina also has two new units under construction.  

The second year of the project will focus on the small firms that have the highest chance to become suppliers on a regional and even multi-national basis.

"SCRA is delighted to be a part of this important project," SCRA CEO Bill Mahoney said. "Our supply chain expertise, coupled with our outstanding record in the manufacturing process will help small businesses in South Carolina grow and further the Knowledge Economy."

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