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Growing pains: Firm offers IT support to small business

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By Chuck Crumbo
Published Sept. 6, 2015

David DeWalt, founder and CEO of Implicit Technology Solutions, concedes to thinking big.

“The best way to think about us is what Ford did for automotive we’re doing for information technology,” said DeWalt, whose company provides a range of IT services from routine maintenance to disaster recovery all aimed at supporting the tech needs of small businesses.

david dewalt for launch -web
David DeWalt, founder of Implicit Technology Solutions, said he wants to expand his business which focuses of providing IT services to small business. (Photo/Chuck Crumbo)
He pitched his company at 1 Million Cups, a weekly gathering at Cromer’s P-Nuts where entrepreneurs discuss the challenges and issues of starting a business.

DeWalt, a 10-year Army veteran and former drill sergeant at Fort Jackson, said he has been in the IT industry for 13 years.

There’s a need among small business owners for IT as more records and data is stored on the office computer, DeWalt said.

“Some of the biggest issues most companies are having involves money, time and knowledge,” DeWalt said. “They don’t have the money to afford a technology company, they don’t have the time to do it (IT work), and don’t have the knowledge to support it and back it.”

Often the job of IT support is performed by the owner or another employee, whose time might be better used tending to the business rather than spending hours rooting out malware or dealing with a balky server, DeWalt said.

Implicit’s services include data backup and recovery services, virus and spyware removal services, new computer setup, troubleshooting, IT infrastructure support and technology consulting, DeWalt said.

The company charges a flat monthly fee that covers up to 15 devices and provides unlimited tech and remote support.

From the base rate, the customer can add premium services such as disaster recovery.

Competitors such as Geekatoo and Geek Squad offer lower monthly fees but cover fewer devices and charge up to $95 an hour to fix a computer, DeWalt said. That can quickly add up if the technician needs to be onsite for several hours.

Additionally, some IT providers require customers to leave their machines at the repair shop for several days, further hobbling a firm’s ability to conduct business.

DeWalt runs Implicit from his home and has three employees on contract who provide IT support over the phone or by remote access. If the technician needs to work onsite, the monthly fee covers the call whether it’s for one hour or eight hours, DeWalt said.

Implicit is presently examining expansion options, DeWalt said.

But growing presents other challenges such as finding IT talent.

DeWalt keeps his personnel pipeline filled through relationships he has developed with technical colleges and the fact that he can provide the experience a technician needs to move up to the ladder.

“Most of my expansion has been by word-of-mouth and walk-ins, and that has opened doors for us. But I’ve kind of maxed that out and am trying to figure out how to get to that next level,” DeWalt said.

Sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation’s, 1 Million Cups meets at 9 a.m. Wednesday at Cromer’s P-Nuts, 1700 Huger St. For more information, check the group’s website.

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