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Passenger business up nearly 9% in August at Columbia airport

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Published Sept. 29, 2015

The number of passengers boarding flights at Columbia Metropolitan Airport rose nearly 9% in August while freight traffic dropped more than 6%.

August enplanements totaled 48,591 passengers compared with 44,601 for the same month in 2014, according to a statistical report posted on the airport’s website. That’s an increase of 8.95%.

For the year, the number of passengers boarding flights rose 7.25%. Through the first eight months of the year the airport counted 365,139 passenger enplanements compared with 340,447 for similar period in 2014.

Meanwhile, total passenger traffic – both boardings and arrivals – was up 6.27% for the year. Through August, the airport counted 737,700 passengers compared with 694,172 for the first eight months of 2014.

Among major carriers, Delta Airlines saw enplanements in August climb 9.10% to 20,900, while American Airlines reported a 15.40% increase to 4,257 and US Airways rose 15.78% to 15,763.

On the cargo side of the ledger, the amount of enplaned freight in August dropped 6.16% to 2,560 tons compared with 2,728 tons for the same month in 2014. However, the total amount cargo loaded for the year was up 3.64% to 21,344 tons.

UPS, which has a regional hub at the airport, reported a 1.29% increase in the amount of freight loaded for August. The carrier enplaned 1,800 tons of cargo during the month compared with 1,777 for August 2014. FedEx dropped 18.24% in August to 641 tons compared with 784 tons for August 2014.

For the year, the amount of freight loaded by all carriers totaled 21,344 tons, up 3.64% over 20,595 tons recorded from January to August of 2014, the report said.

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