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BMW Manufacturing Co. rolls off 3.5 millionth vehicle

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On Thursday, BMW Manufacturing Co. set another milestone in its long Upstate history.

Following a year when its exports neared $10 billion and the production line sent off over 400,000 vehicles, BMW Manufacturing Co. produced its 3.5 millionth vehicle, according to a news release from the company.

Members of the BMW Manufacturing Co. assembly team work on the 3.5 millionth BMW to roll off the Spartanburg County facility’s production line. (Photo/Provided)
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The mineral white metallic X4 xDrive20i rolled off the line and will be bound by rail to the Port of Charleston, where it will be loaded onto a ship and sent to its customer in Fuyang, China.

“This achievement is due to the outstanding commitment and dedication of our Associates to produce premium quality vehicles for customers,” Manfred Erlacher, president and CEO of BMW Manufacturing, said in the release. “Customers around the world love our products, and our X models are an important part of the company’s success.”

The plant in Spartanburg County is in the midst of a $1 billion enhancement that will expand the X5/X6 assembly hall and the logistics warehouse and construct a pair of test tracks. The company said the expansions will increase annual vehicle production to 450,000 and allow for the plant to become the exclusive producer of the new X7 sports activity vehicle.

BMW Manufacturing Co. is already the exclusive producer of the X3, X4, X5 and X6 and their subsets. The company said those vehicles are shipped to over 140 markets around the globe.

The plant is the largest in the BMW Group by volume and the company said it puts out more than 1,400 vehicles per day.

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