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Chapin project awarded $25,000 in free equipment rentals

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A project to install a new parallel force sewer main in Chapin has been awarded $25,000 in free equipment from CASE Construction Equipment.

The CASE Dire States infrastructure improvement grant gives Chapin the free equipment rental through local CASE dealer Hills Machinery, according to a news release.

The East Chapin sewer force main project will relieve pressures on the existing sewer force main and pump stations, the release said. The new force main will allow sewer flow to be rerouted, reducing the chances of overflows that could affect the drinking water of 130,000 area customers.  

The project will also help with storm and wastewater issues and create additional capacity for new business development.

Bidding on the project will take place in the next few months, and work is slated to begin later this year, according to the release from CASE.

“A primary consideration in selecting a winner for the Dire States Grant is the ability to build and positively affect numerous facets of a community’s infrastructure,” said CASE North America vice president Michel Marchand. “Chapin presented us with an underground utility and services project that will relieve stresses on current systems, protect water quality and public health in the region, and expand the capacities available to both residential and commercial interests for future growth.”

Local communities across the country submitted projects for the grant. A committee of CASE representatives chose the winner.

“The Town of Chapin utility department is relatively small and will greatly benefit from the assistance provided by CASE in helping offset some of the costs of this project by making this equipment available,”  said Andy Metts, Chapin’s director of utilities. “This program is a great way to provide support to small town public works departments and staff, and we’re grateful to CASE for seeing the benefit in our project.”  

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