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Columbia Film Society announces year-round film initiative

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The Columbia Film Society, operator of the Nickelodeon Theatre, will expand its media education and Indie Grits Festival offerings with the creation of year-round initiative Indie Grits Labs.

CFS has also restructured its staff to accommodate its growth.

Indie Grits, a film festival which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016, attracts more than 12,000 attendees annually and supports filmmakers as well as other visual and performing artists.

“Through Indie Grits Labs, we will capitalize on the relationships we’ve formed with artists and filmmakers over the history of the festival,” said John Boyd, president of the Nickelodeon board of directors, in a release. “By streamlining our education programs with the festival’s innovative manner of supporting filmmakers and artists, this new venture will simultaneously deepen our investment in media education and the regional creative community.”

Overseeing CFS initiatives, including Indie Grits labs, will be Andy Smith, who has been promoted from executive director of the Nickelodeon to CFS chief executive officer. Smith founded the Indie Grits Film Festival and served as its executive director until 2011.

Seth Gadsden, most recently the Nickelodeon’s managing director, has been promoted to director of Indie Grits Labs. Gadsden joined the Nickelodeon is 2014 as Indie Grits co-director.

CFS has created a Nickelodeon director position to oversee theatre programming, marketing, finances and facilities. That position will be filled in 2017, according to the release.

“This growth in staff and services maintains our strong theater programming while expanding our educational and filmmaker support outreaches,” Boyd said. 

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