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Haley names first director of Department of Administration

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Staff Report
Published Dec. 22, 2014

Gov. Nikki Haley has named Marcia Adams to serve as the first director of the South Carolina Department of Administration, a new cabinet agency created by the Government Restructuring Act of 2014.

Adams, a 27-year veteran of state government, currently serves as the executive director of the Budget and Control Board.

Marsha Adams
In looking for a department chief, Haley said she needed someone who understood the operations of the Budget and Control Board and also knew how to run a state agency.

“This really was a no-brainer and one of the easiest appointments I’ve ever made because I’m fortunate to know Mrs. Adams and what she’s capable of,” Haley said. “I think the people of South Carolina should be incredibly proud.”

The new department “will enhance the state’s ability to provide innovative support to agencies which, in turn, will be better able to deliver more responsive and cost effective services to the citizens of South Carolina,” Adams said. “I am excited to be a part of the governor’s team that will set the direction of this new agency.”

Prior to joining the Budget and Control Board as its chief in 2011, Adams has held various leadership, budget and finance positions, starting at the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism in 1987.

She also worked for the governor’s office in the Office of Economic Opportunity, Department of Public Safety, and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The new Department of Administration consists of the Division of State Information Technology, Division of General Services, Office of Human Resources, Nuclear Advisory Council, Office of Executive Policy and Programs, and the new Executive Budget Office (to include portions of the current Office of State Budget).

It replaces the Budget and Control Board with the State Fiscal Accountability Authority, to oversee the Insurance Reserve Fund and the Procurement Services Division.

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