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Esquire ranks Benjamin among 50 men who ‘look their best’

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By Licia Jackson
Published Sept. 4, 2015

benjamin suit
Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin. (Photo/Provided)
Who’s looking his best as he strolls down Main Street? Why, it’s Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin!

Just take a look at the September issue of Esquire magazine, where Benjamin is one of “Fifty Men Looking Their Best.” The magazine’s editors asked 50 men from all walks of life and different parts of the U.S. to tell them what they wear when they want to look their best.

Benjamin, 45, replied, “I spend most of my life in a suit. So I’m very comfortable in a suit, particularly a blue suit, and whenever I get the opportunity, I like to jazz it up a little bit with a nice handkerchief and maybe a matching tie. It just makes you feel good about yourself.”

Nice to see our mayor classing up the place. For more ideas on looking good, see the magazine, billed as “An issue about how clothes actually can make the man.”

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