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County OKs $2.7M from Penny Program for Zoo pedestrian bridge

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Pedestrian Bridge Elevation
The Richland County Council has approved $2.7M funding from the Penny Tax program for a pedestrian bridge at Riverbanks Zoo. (Image/Provided)


Staff Report
Published Sept. 14, 2015

Richland County Council has green-lighted spending $2.7 million from the Richland Penny Program for a pedestrian bridge at Riverbanks Zoo.

The project, approved last week by a 9-2 vote, is broken up into two phases within the County Transportation Improvement Program.

The bridge will be built to move visitors from the parking lots into the new zoo entrance, avoiding the need for them walk across an active, at-grade railroad crossing.

“This project falls under the Special Projects category of the Richland Penny Program and we are excited to be able to fund a project that will provide a safer alternative for visitors to Riverbanks Zoo,” said Rob Perry, Richland County transportation director.

The council’s approval of funding for the project allows for construction to begin this fall. It is expected to be completed prior to the summer of 2016. Preliminary design studies for phase two of the project is set to begin in 2017.

The penny tax, which went into effect May 2013 after being approved by voters in November 2012, is projected to generate $1.07 billion for some 40 road projects and add 17,000 jobs.

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