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Columbia announces plans for $2.5M community complex

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The Busby Street Community Center, which will include a police substation, will be built at 5212 Farrow Road in Columbia. (Image/Provided)City and S.C. political leaders were on hand Monday to announce plans for the $2.5 million Busby Street Community Resource and Training Complex.

The 6,860-square-foot complex, located at 5212 Farrow Road, will feature the police substation (1,320 square-feet) along with a training facility for the community featuring conference rooms and office space. In a press release, city officials said they hope the facility will bridge the gap between business, community and police.

U.S. Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., said the announcement was not just plans for a building, but a dedication to the mission of carrying out our responsibilities to those who have lived productive lives.

“I think it is biblical for us to do what is necessary to give them pleasing, pleasant and secure golden years,” Clyburn said.

Councilman Sam Davis said that when the project was first conceived, eyes were raised, and it was all about the question of necessity.

“We thought about quality of life,” Davis said. “This building and this property and the amenities here will address the quality of life in this part of the city,” Davis said.

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin said it was a great day on Busby Street.

“We now have a site access of eight acres, includes a … facility for our community partners to provide training programs, a place for our residents and neighborhoods to come together to fellowship, to learn about empowerment, and learning opportunities,” Benjamin said in a statement.

The building is scheduled to be finished in the summer of 2018. 

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