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Richland County seeking input on surface water quality

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Richland County’s Stormwater Management Division is seeking public input as it addresses surface water quality in streams and creeks.

The division is launching virtual focus groups of eight to 12 people each which will meet online for 60 to 90 minutes, according to a news release from the county. More groups could be added based on interest.

Participants should sign up by Aug. 14 and have access to a computer, laptop or smartphone with Wi-Fi capability. Those who sign up will be contacted to participate in a focus group or receive a survey.

Meetings will be scheduled based on group availability, and participants will receive a thank-you gift, the county said.

“Creeks and streams lead to our local rivers, and as members of the community we are connected to those waterways,” Chenille Williams, education program coordinator for the Stormwater Management Division, said in the release. “Through focus groups, we hope to receive feedback on what citizens care about regarding local water resources while doing what we can to protect surface water quality. … We are able to use their voices as guides for reaching new audiences with activities and programs relevant to the citizens of Richland County.”

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