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New art exhibit at Columbia Metropolitan Airport

Hospitality and Tourism
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Columbia Metropolitan Airport announced the newest installation by Jennifer Hoskins. Hoskins is part of the airport’s rotating arts program that features local artists.

Local artist Jennifer Hoskins poses next to her latest work "Crowned" being shown at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport. (Photo/Provided)Hoskins’ exhibit is entitled “Crowned” and features 10 large-scale oil paintings featuring the facial image of a young woman.

Hoskins, who teaches at Spring Hill High School in Chapin, describes the work as a powerful gaze is meant to contrast from our culture’s subtle and overt subjugation of women socially and economically. The work speaks to those entering adulthood to encourage an understanding that women’s role in society is both malleable and the individual’s responsibility to determine.

Hoskins’ work has been shown in the United States and in Italy. She studied and worked as a curator in Florence, Italy, later earning her bachelor’s degree in art studio from the University of South Carolina.

The exhibit is located past the security checkpoint in the connector leading to the departure gates.


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