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Gamecocks, Tigers open their homes to rivals, fans

Hospitality and Tourism
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South Carolina and Clemson fans rarely agree, but both saw the profit of opening their homes to fellow college football fans.

A report shows Airbnb hosts earned over $684,000 during the 2017 college football season. Gamecocks and Tigers shared extra space in their homes with fellow fans and rivals. Combined earnings for this season increased 129% compared to 2017. Columbia saw an increase of 147% while Clemson saw an increase of 112%. A total of 7,350 Airbnb guests were booked for 2017 home games.

“In addition to being leading academic institutions, the University of South Carolina and Clemson University sports programs are a huge tourism draw and economic boost for Columbia and Clemson residents and businesses,” said Will Burns, public policy director for Airbnb in South Carolina. “Airbnb is proud to give alumni and fans a more affordable way to attend these games, and also provide local families who home-share an avenue to earn extra income.”

An online marketplace and hospitality service, Airbnb helps people lease or rent short-term lodging in private residences.

The highest guest arrival in Columbia was 970. It took place Oct. 6-7 during a home game against Arkansas. At Clemson, the highest total was 590 on Nov. 10-11 against Florida State.

This analysis is based on Airbnb internal data for University of South Carolina and Clemson University home games during the 2016 and 2017 football season. 

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