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State’s jobless rate falls for third straight month

Human Resources
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The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell for the third consecutive month to its lowest level since December 2000. The June rate dropped to 4% from 4.1% in May according to today’s report from the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce.

According to the report, the number of unemployed people in South Carolina dropped by 4,816 to 91,710, the lowest since February 2001. The state’s labor force decreased by 6,905 people to 2,321,592 as the number of people working declined by 2,089 to 2,229,882.

“South Carolina is working and nearly 46,000 of our citizens obtained jobs in the last year,” said Cheryl Stanton, executive director of the SCDEW. “We need to continue providing our citizens the skills South Carolina businesses require. But we also need to continue to focus on populations that historically have been on the sidelines, such as the disabled, veterans, ex-offenders and youth, to ensure we get more workers into the system.”

Since June 2016, the labor force has grown by 24,625, and employment gains totaled 45,949. The level of unemployed people decreased by 21,324.

Among the state’s metro areas, Florence recorded the highest unemployment rate at 4.7%, an increase from 4.1% in May. Columbia posted an unemployment rate of 4.1%, up from 3.5% in May, while Greenville posted an unemployment rate of 3.9%, an increase from 3.3% in May. Charleston had an unemployment rate of 3.6% and increase from 3.1% in May.

Richland County’s unemployment rate rose to 4.2% in June from 3.6% in May. Lexington County’s unemployment rate rose to 3.6% in June from 3.1% in May.

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