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Statewide unemployment numbers creep up in November

Human Resources
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Unemployment in South Carolina increased marginally from October to November, edging up from 3.9% to 4%, with the number of South Carolinians working decreasing by 2,451 to 2,232,579.

The number of unemployed increased by 1,648 to 92,740, and the state’s labor force decreased by 803 to 2,325,319.

The manufacturing sector remained strong, adding 3,800 jobs during the month.

Since November 2016, the state’s labor force has grown by 27,178, with the number of unemployed people decreasing by 7,127.

The national unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.1%.

S.C. seasonally adjusted nonfarm payrolls increased by 7,900 in November to a record 2,113,600. From November 2016 to November 2017, S.C.’s economy has added 44,800 seasonally adjusted jobs.

“It is exciting to see that businesses have added nearly 8,000 workers in this last month, providing opportunities for South Carolinians,” said Cheryl Stanton, executive director of the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce, in a news release. “Each time a company decides to expand or build a facility in South Carolina, they are giving the state a vote of confidence that we have a skilled workforce available to fill their positions.”

Unemployment rose in both Richland and Lexington counties, increasing to 4.1% from 4% in Richland and to 3.5% from 3.4% in Lexington. 

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