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Sonoco increasing prices on protective solutions

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Sonoco is increasing prices in its protective solutions product line, the Hartsville-based global packaging company announced.

Increases in protective foam and refrigeration products in the U.S. and Mexico will increase between 6% and 10%, effective on or before Nov. 10, Sonoco said in a news release.

“We continue to see inflation in our input costs related to EPS, EPP, PUR, corrugate, freight, flexible films and labor,” said Russell Grissett, division vice president of Sonoco’s protective solutions division. “Our supply management team continues to leverage our global reach; however, overall tightness in supply continues to drive up prices.”

Sonoco has 30 manufacturing and fabrication facilities located throughout the U.S. and Mexico. The company’s protective solutions division supplies packaging to the automotive, appliance, biologics, pharmaceuticals, technology, HVAC, kitchen and bath and furniture industries.

In July, Sonoco announced a price increase of 4% on all composite cans and corresponding metal ends in the U.S. and Canada in response to steel and aluminum tariffs. The increase was effective Aug. 1.

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