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Scottie Lynch Smith

People in the News
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"Columbia is really the heart of our business, so it is amazing to see so much activity and buzz at home right now."

— Scottie Lynch Smith





City of birth: Greenville

Education: University of South Carolina

Your job: Brokerage associate at Colliers International

The best thing about my job: I love helping our clients grow in the Carolinas. Whether we’re working with a restaurant to find the perfect location or a landlord to attract a new concept, it is so satisfying to make profitable connections for our clients. Columbia is really the heart of our business, so it is amazing to see so much activity and buzz at home right now. Our business is really about helping create places that both reflect our community and add to it at the same time – so even after we close a deal, it’s exciting to share what is on the horizon for Columbia and promote these great new spots to shop and eat.

Community involvement: Volunteer with Junior Achievement of SC; board member of The Nickelodeon Theatre; active member of Downtown Church Something I wish I’d known earlier in my career: I wish I had known right out of college that I would never be in a better position to take risks. A little stumble here or there doesn’t mean much when you have the rest of your career to make up for it, and a bet that pays off early can open a lot of doors throughout your career.

Advice to other women: Develop a strong network of mentors, colleagues, and friends. I’ve been fortunate in both of my careers to have mentors and colleagues who value women in the workplace. They’ve encouraged me to ask for what I’ve earned, even when it can be awkward. I also have a remarkable group of friends, who are successful and supportive, encouraging me to continually grow. Surrounded by a strong group, I am more confident in taking risks and tackling the harder areas of my job.

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