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Sales tax weekend begins Friday

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South Carolina’s sales tax weekend will take place Friday through Sunday.

During the annual sales tax weekend, a variety of approved school supply items are exempt from the 6% state sales tax and any applicable local taxes. In years past, shoppers have saved between $2 million and $3 million during the weekend.

Richland County currently has an 8% sales tax while Lexington County has a 7% sales tax. 

Shoppers will pay no sales tax on items ranging from clothing and shoes to book bags and computers. Items such as jewelry, cosmetics, eyewear, furniture and layaway purchases are not exempt.

The S.C.Department of Consumer Affairs is offering tips for consumers to get the most out of the tax-free weekend.

  • Review the list of sales tax-free items at the S.C. Department of Revenue’s website.
  • Make a shopping list and stick to it; avoid impulse purchases that are not tax-exempt.
  • Pay cash if you have trouble sticking to a budget. If you prefer not to use cash or are shopping online, a credit card offers more consumer fraud protection.
  • Know the stores’ policies on returns, refunds and exchanges. 

“Keep a watchful eye on your financial statements. Whether it’s a fraudulent charge or simply an error on your statement, the faster you report it, the easier it is to correct,” consumer affairs administrator Carri Grube Lybarker said.

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