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Governor bans late-night alcohol sales

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In an attempt to squelch the social transmission of COVID-19, Gov. Henry McMaster banned the sale of alcoholic beverages in all bars and restaurants across the state after 11 p.m., starting Saturday night.

“We know that young adults who are rapidly contracting the virus and spreading it into our communities frequently congregate in late-night atmospheres which simply are not conducive to stopping its continued transmission,” McMaster said Friday in a news release. “This measured, carefully tailored approach will lessen the opportunity for South Carolinians to put themselves and their loved ones in harm’s way.”

There are approximately 8,000 restaurants and bars permitted for on-site alcohol sale and consumption by the S.C. Department of Revenue, according to the release.

Late-night alcohol sales will still be permitted at convenience or grocery stores, wine and liquor stores, and other retailers and businesses with the following licenses:

  • On-premises beer and wine permit
  • Winery permit
  • Brewpub beer and wine permit
  • Brewery permit
  • Business liquor by the drink license
  • Nonprofit private club liquor by the drink license
  • Special event permit
  • Special nonprofit event permit

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