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Report shows state’s technology employment on the rise

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South Carolina’s technology industry employment grew by 3.3% in 2016, according to Cyberstates 2017. The annual analysis of the nation’s tech industry showed employers added nearly 2,000 jobs last year. With more than 62,000 workers, South Carolina ranks 27th in the country for tech industry employment.

The report also showed technology occupations across all other industries in the state reached an estimated 80,300 in 2016. The tech sector accounts for an estimated 4.6%, or $9.2 billion, of the overall S.C. economy.

The annualized average wage of an S.C. tech industry worker was estimated at $76,600. That is 81% higher than the average state wage.

Other findings include:

  • South Carolina ranks 38th among the states in the Cyberstates 2017 Innovation Score, which is based on an analysis of new tech patents, tech startups and new tech business establishments on a per capita basis.
  • South Carolina is home to an estimated 6,391 tech business establishments.
  • The tech industry accounts for an estimated 3.2% of the overall state workforce.
  • Leading tech occupations include computer user support specialists (7,010), industrial engineers (6,850) and computer systems analysts (5,940).
  • The strongest year-over-year job growth occurred in the categories of computer systems design and IT services (+ 11.4%) and Internet services (+ 9.6%).
  • Employers posted an estimated 6,424 job openings for tech occupations in Q4 2016.

Cyberstates 2017 is based on CompTIA's analysis of data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, EMSI and other sources. 

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