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BEATS Barre Studio Cuts Ribbon with Mayor Rickenmann on New Gervais Street Studio

CRBR Biz Wire //September 27, 2023//

BEATS Barre Studio Cuts Ribbon with Mayor Rickenmann on New Gervais Street Studio

CRBR Biz Wire //September 27, 2023//

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Ribbon is cut on new BEATS Barre Studio, located at 1835 Gervais St. Suite C

BEATS Barre Studio — a fun and effective body-changing workout — has cut the ribbon on its new studio space. Owner Meredith Trout developed the one-of-a-kind workout method to blend four exercise areas into a high-energy class featuring mat work, low-weight arm series, dance cardio, and barre. To celebrate its grand opening, BEATS will host one week of free classes, October 2 – 7. Sign up for classes and explore memberships online at

“I can’t emphasize enough that small businesses are essential to our community’s economic vitality and growth. Columbia is proud to support women-owned businesses like BEATS. They exemplify how the growth of local businesses makes Columbia a happier and healthier place to live,” said City of Columbia Mayor Daniel Rickenmann.

The studio will host classes Monday – Saturday, and all weekday classes between 8:30 a.m. – noon will have childcare options. Located at 1835 Gervais St., Suite C the BEATS location offers free parking and bridges the space between the Vista and Five Points districts. Memberships and class packs are available for purchase through Mindbody at

“I’m so grateful for the love and support from Columbia, which allows me to expand BEATS to this beautiful new space. I am so humbled by the chance to use my love of health and fitness to help and serve others in this capacity,” said Meredith Trout, BEATS owner and founder. “I am going to pour everything I can into infusing our studio with positive and joyful energy. I want to make sure each person who walks into a class knows they are seen and valued. Having the opportunity to build this community in Columbia means everything to me!”

What to expect at a BEATS fitness class
BEATS stands for burn, energize and tone sculpt, and the class is taught on the musical beat. Each component of a BEATS class is designed to impact different parts of the body incorporating both cardiovascular and deep muscle work to be fun! During mat work, pilates-inspired moves are elevated with the use of ankle weights. Heart rate increases during this portion to set the tone for a steady, intensified heart rate throughout the class. Arms and band work follow movement on the mat. High repetition with low weight allows BEATS to engage small accessory muscles to increase muscular endurance while limiting risk of injury. The heart rate slightly decreases during this portion of class to allow for a break before the next section, dance cardio.

BEATS infuses mat work, arms series, cardio dance and barre into one fun and effective workout

Simple-to-follow cardio moves make up the quick-paced dance cardio segment of class — the heart rate surges while letting loose and enjoying body movement. Bonus points — the coordination practice provides an extra brain boost. Finally, the class finishes with a barre section, giving each individual a good burn before continuing their day. The change and elevation of one’s heart rate for the length of the class increases fast-twitch muscle fibers and, in turn, increases calorie burn.

The routine and choreography changes every three weeks so the mind and body doesn’t plateau but still has the chance to learn and master the moves by the end of the cycle. The playlist is carefully curated to set the scene for a great class, from old-school jams to pop, techno dance, rap, trending songs and beyond. The distinctive method of BEATS yields a workout experience unlike any other while providing body-changing results.

“BEATS has truly changed my life. I have tried many different workouts, and this is the one that I can stick to consistently. I walk away from class feeling energized and encouraged — the best version of myself,” said Lindsey Griffin, Columbia Chamber 2022 Young Professional of the Year and owner of local Instagram account @colatownfoodieandfun. “Meredith and her team have your best interest at heart, and the BEATS community is unmatched. I have known Meredith for 20 years — and a driving force in her life has always been helping others be their best — inside and out. Columbia is so lucky to have this new resource for health and wellness.”

BEATS Barre Studio exterior with grand opening balloons by Mommy East Coast

Developing the BEATS method
Trout has always had a passion for exercise. At an early age, dance and cheer gave her confidence and taught her that fitness can be fun and make you feel good. Throughout her life, Trout tried every kind of fitness class she could access — step, aerobics, kickboxing, barre, and more.

After the birth of her first son, she began training and completed 6 half marathons plus 1 full marathon in the span of 18 months. However, with a new baby, working, and experiencing some injuries from distance running, she sought new ways to get the same calorie burn and endorphin rush from running without the strain it puts on the body. After teaching several classes at her local YMCA, she began formulating her own method through mat work, dance fitness and ballet movement — the early beginnings of BEATS.

“I was hooked — it was so fun, the class went by quickly, and I was never ready to leave,” says Trout. “I still have that same passion for my classes today. I can’t get enough of it. If I could teach 10 classes a day, I would!”

Trout’s past experiences include teaching other styles of classes, allowing her to explore various methods and gain branded certifications. Through extensive research on exercise science, she began to refine a combination of techniques learned in these different classes. She also educated herself on methods gained from popular aerobic and dance fitness platforms, and she purchased every fitness DVD she could get her hands on. The more she learned, the more she understood the effectiveness of ancillary muscles in controlling strength and balance. Combined with cardiovascular work, it is unmatched in terms of overall fitness results.

The method was built to provide an effective and fun workout. It was designed to stand out — there is no other class locally that combines cardio dance, barre, mat work and small muscle focus the way BEATS does. The low-impact, high-repetition strategy of BEATS allows the method to be practiced at any age.

BEATS Barre Studio was launched in Lexington, N.C. in December 2018 with humble beginnings. Because of the effectiveness of the workout, it quickly grew in popularity. What began as a 10-foot barre in Trout’s basement has grown and evolved. In 2022, BEATS moved to Columbia, S.C. After teaching out of her home studio for over a year, Trout saw the opportunity to grow in Columbia.

The new Gervais Street location for BEATS marks a major milestone in the brand’s expansion. With great parking, a convenient location, and room for childcare, the new BEATS Barre Studio will allow membership and class offerings to grow to help even more people become energized by their fitness routines.

BEATS memberships and class packs are available
Becoming a BEATS member is easy. Through Mindbody online (or the app), BEATS offers unlimited monthly memberships, 10-class packs and individual classes. Class options include the signature 60-minute class and a 45-minute express option for those who need a timely workout while still seeing the same incredible results.

Retail brand Wear It To HEART leggings and BEATS merchandise will be sold in store. As part of its grand opening celebrations, all classes the first week of October (Oct. 2 – 7) are free. Register for class, become a BEATS member and learn more online at

About BEATS Barre Studio
Founded in 2018, BEATS Barre Studio is a one-of-a-kind workout method that blends multiple areas of exercise into one high-energy class. The unique method was developed by BEATS owner and founder Meredith Trout as a culmination of more than 15 years of exercise research, dance training, conducting private personal training sessions and leading group fitness classes. The high-energy class is divided into sections, including —dynamic 360-degree moves on a mat; with ankle weights to elevate heart rate; high repetition, low-weight arm series to engage small accessory muscles; dance cardio for calorie burn; and barre to strengthen the core and lower body. Every aspect of the workout is carefully and intentionally put together, right down to the Gaiam dry-grip yoga mats and d-grip hand weights. BEATS is designed to actively engage every muscle group for an effective full-body workout that increases muscular endurance and fast-twitch muscle fiber, resulting in elevated calorie burn. Great music and positive energy are infused into the class to create an encouraging, fun and welcoming environment. Taught on the musical beat, the name also represents “burn, energize and tone sculpt.” The studio launched in Lexington, N.C. and moved to Columbia, S.C. in 2022, opening its first stand-alone studio in fall 2023. Learn more at

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