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Charleston’s New Alchemy Elevator Company to Offer the Perfect Mix of Licensed Commercial/Residential Elevator Installation & Service in Three States

CRBR Biz Wire //December 6, 2023//

Charleston’s New Alchemy Elevator Company to Offer the Perfect Mix of Licensed Commercial/Residential Elevator Installation & Service in Three States

CRBR Biz Wire //December 6, 2023//

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Licensed electrician and President of Alchemy Elevator Company, Cameron Raybourne

CHARLESTON, SC — Licensed electrician Cameron Raybourne has announced the official opening of his new company, Alchemy Elevator, headquartered in Charleston, serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia with a variety of new elevator installation options and repair services for existing elevators.

The commercial product line includes hydraulic and traditional counterweight lifts, vertical platform lifts, and Limited-Use, Limited Application (LULA) elevators. On the residential side, they specialize in home elevators, stairlifts, sometimes called stair-chairs, and dumbwaiters.

A licensed electrician in North Carolina, Raybourne has been in the elevator installation, repair and service business for seven years.

The Wilmington, NC native began doing residential fieldwork as an electrician’s intern, wiring the entire house of his former employer.

After working for a previous elevator company in Wilmington, NC for three years, he was transferred to the Charleston region where he became the company’s service manager.

Over the past year, Raybourne acquired a specialty license specific to the elevator industry and started Alchemy Elevator. Alchemy will provide sales and service to the commercial market with a focus on the booming residential real estate and construction market across the southeast.

“Outside of a couple of national elevator companies like Otis and Shindler that cater to an entirely different commercial market, there are only about 10 elevator companies in the state of South Carolina and only slightly more than that in North Carolina,” said Raybourne. “Most of those companies are backlogged, sometimes for months.

“We will backstop those delays and specialize in fast, experienced, high-quality installations. Where it often can take other companies weeks to install, if the construction is ready, we can install our elevators in a couple of days.”

Alchemy Elevator co-founder, Chris Dudleck, reinforces Raybourne’s importance on customer service.

“With Cam and my experience, and the hiring of Brett Speedy as vice president of sales, personal customer service extends to builder satisfaction for construction companies and architects,” he said. “We will make it much easier for them and their customers to bring quality installation to their projects.”

Brett Speedy is a veteran at elevator installation and has years of expertise in consulting with homeowners, homebuilders, contractors, and architects on the logistics of installation. He helps them determine the type of elevator they need and what will need to be done to secure it.

“My contacts in the construction world let me facilitate with them the application that best fits their needs and expectations,” said Speedy. “We ensure everything is set up correctly for the homeowner and that they are educated on how to operate their new elevator.

“Right now, as a new company, service is front and center,” he said.

To learn more visit us at or you can contact Alchemy Elevator at (843) 955-5360 for more information.