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South Carolina ETV and Public Radio nominated for five South Carolina Broadcaster’s Association STAR Awards

CRBR Biz Wire //July 24, 2023//

South Carolina ETV and Public Radio nominated for five South Carolina Broadcaster’s Association STAR Awards

CRBR Biz Wire //July 24, 2023//

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COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina ETV and Public Radio (SCETV) is proud to announce its nomination for five prestigious South Carolina Broadcaster’s Association (SCBA) State Television and Radio (STAR) Awards. Winners of the annual STAR Awards will be announced on August 12 at the Hilton Columbia Center.

The SCBA serves as the voice for South Carolina radio and television stations by providing educational resources for members, communicating essential information to the public and lobbying for legislation that supports broadcasters’ commitment to serving their communities.

Each year, the SCBA honors Palmetto State broadcasters at the STAR Awards. The STAR Awards recognize the exceptional accomplishments of South Carolina stations and their broadcast professionals. SCETV’s five nominations serve as recognition for its exceptional contributions in various categories, highlighting the network’s commitment to excellence in public broadcasting and media production.

SCETV’s award-nominated entries include:

Production: PSA TV – SCETV Safe Space

This nomination recognizes SCETV’s outstanding production of a television public service announcement as part of the SCETV Safe Space campaign.

Convergence Coverage: Hurricane Ian Coverage

Comprehensive coverage of Hurricane Ian in 2022 exhibited SCETV’s commitment to delivering accurate and timely weather updates to viewers across multiple platforms including broadcast television and online.

Best Radio Promotion: Sumter SC Lede Live Taping

SC Public Radio and the ETV Endowment of South Carolina hosted a live taping of the SC Lede podcast in 2022. To promote the community engagement event, on-air promotional spots were broadcast on SC Public Radio.

Reporter of the Year: Victoria Hansen

Having received the award for the past four years, SC Public Radio’s Victoria Hansen has been nominated for the esteemed title of Radio Reporter of the Year. This nomination acknowledges her outstanding journalistic skills and dedication to delivering insightful and thought-provoking coverage locally and nationally.

Best Use of Digital Platforms: SC Public Radio

The Best Use of Digital Platforms award recognizes innovative approaches to utilizing digital platforms to engage and inform listeners. This nomination showcases SC Public Radio’s ability to adapt to the changing media landscape and connect with audiences through its various digital channels.

Winners of the South Carolina Broadcaster’s Association STAR Awards will be announced at the awards ceremony on August 12 in Columbia.

For more information on the STAR Awards, visit the SCBA website.