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The Midlands Workforce Development Board Announces Program Funding Benefiting Local Businesses and Communities

CRBR Biz Wire //June 5, 2023//

The Midlands Workforce Development Board Announces Program Funding Benefiting Local Businesses and Communities

CRBR Biz Wire //June 5, 2023//

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The Midlands Workforce Development Board is thrilled to announce the allocation of program funds to several local businesses in the region. These funds, totaling over $127,467, will support workforce training and development initiatives, helping businesses enhance their capabilities and meet the evolving needs of the community.

China Jushi, a prominent fiberglass manufacturer, has received funding to invest in advanced training programs for their workforce. This investment aimed to foster innovation and improve productivity within the company, ensures that they remain at the forefront of the industry.

Desa Inc, a leading provider of business solutions, has received WIOA funding. This capital provides support for a course that the Midlands Workforce Development Board is funding for the first time—Drone Pilot Credentials and Certification along with other trainings. By enabling employees to obtain these qualifications, Desa Inc will expand its capabilities in business technology applications, opening up new opportunities for growth and diversification.

First Priority, an ambulance company serving the Midlands community, received funding to address the pressing shortage of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in the state. Through cross-training initiatives, First Priority will equip their employees with additional skills, including billing/documentation, driver training, and EMT and Paramedic Certification. This investment will bolster the workforce in the medical field, ensuring swift and effective emergency response across the region.

Green Energy BioFuel, a champion of sustainability, has been granted funding to develop new training programs in wastewater treatment—a crucial need within the community. In addition, the funding will support the acquisition of specialized skills in the sustainability industry, such as compost operations. By expanding their workforce’s expertise, Green Energy BioFuel aims to make significant strides in environmental conservation and address the challenges of wastewater management.

JTKET Bearings of North America (Koyo) received funding to invest in workforce development initiatives. These funds will enable JTKET Bearings to enhance the skills and knowledge of their employees through their Apprenticeship program, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve in the competitive manufacturing sector.

Ritedose Corporation, a renowned pharmaceutical company, has been awarded WIOA funds. This significant investment will bolster their workforce through targeted training programs, enabling Ritedose to meet the increasing demand for their high-quality products.

WP Rawl & Sons, is a local agricultural business. Their funding will support the training of their workforce, ensuring they have the necessary skills to navigate the evolving needs of the industry and maintain their position as a leader in the agricultural sector.

Christian Brothers Automotive, a small locally owned business in Lexington, will benefit from a WIOA grant. The funding will enable the company to provide training on “Understanding and Diagnosing Hybrid/Electric Vehicles” to their mechanics. With the rising number of hybrid and electric vehicles, this program will equip the mechanics with the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver safe and efficient services. As the electric vehicle industry is expected to experience rapid growth in the next five years, this training will position Christian Brothers Automotive as a reliable service provider for this emerging market.

The Midlands Workforce Development Board believes that these investments in workforce development will have a profound impact on both the businesses and communities they serve. By supporting the growth of local industries, these funds will create a more resilient and prosperous region.

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