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Plasma to be collected for use in COVID-19 treatment

Staff Report //April 21, 2020//

Plasma to be collected for use in COVID-19 treatment

Staff Report //April 21, 2020//

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KershawHealth is partnering with Greenwood-based donation center The Blood Connection to collect plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients on Thursday.

The donated plasma will be used to develop antibodies to fight the coronavirus in a Food and Drug Administration-authorized treatment. The plasma could be made into a serum and given to approved patients within days, according to a news release from KershawHealth.

To donate, please contact The Blood Connection at 864-751-1168. KershawHealth patients who were confirmed as COVID-19 positive and who have recovered will receive a letter inviting them to donate.

Any recovered COVID-19 patient who has testing documentation from a physician may be eligible to donate.

The Blood Connection does not test for COVID-19.

In addition to Thursday’s event, other donation times and locations will be scheduled throughout the Midlands based on the number of interested donors, according to the release.

“Providing exceptional care for our patients is our first priority at KershawHealth, and we are proud to partner with The Blood Connection on this event as we work together to combat the coronavirus pandemic in our community,” KershawHealth CEO Sue Shugart said in the release. “We  hope this new therapy may provide the life-saving treatment these patients so desperately need.”