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USC’s College of Information and Communications launches AI initiatives

CRBR Biz Wire //April 3, 2024//

USC’s College of Information and Communications launches AI initiatives

CRBR Biz Wire //April 3, 2024//

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The University of South Carolina’s College of Information and Communications (CIC) has unveiled several groundbreaking initiatives in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), aimed at advancing individuals and organizations across the state and beyond.

In a bid to bridge the digital divide and equip small businesses, nonprofits and the self-employed with essential skills, CIC has launched a statewide AI training program. This initiative, supported by a $125,000 grant from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund, will be conducted in the new Palmetto College iCarolina labs across South Carolina. The program will introduce participants to AI platforms like ChatGPT, empowering them to leverage these technologies to enhance their work and productivity. Sessions will be held in each of the nine iCarolina Labs, ensuring widespread access to valuable AI knowledge.

Recognizing the importance of ethical considerations in AI development and deployment, CIC has established a global AI Ethics Council for strategic communications. Led by faculty member Shannon Bowen, the council convenes leading scholars from five continents to offer media commentary, training, guidance, research, policy analysis/statements, publications and community engagement in AI ethics. This pioneering initiative underscores CIC’s commitment to fostering responsible AI practices and ensuring that AI technologies are developed and applied in an ethical and equitable manner.

CIC is expanding its coursework offerings to include specialized courses in cyber and blockchain technologies, alongside the integration of AI into its Bachelor of Science in Information Science (BSIS) degree. The AI & Data Analytics track within the BSIS degree program will cover AI’s impact on society and its advantages and challenges, preparing students for the demands of the evolving digital landscape. Additionally, AI will be integrated into all required courses for the advertising track, ensuring that students graduate with a thorough understanding of AI’s role in strategic communication and marketing.

“These initiatives underscore our commitment to driving innovation and inclusivity in the field of AI,” said CIC Dean Tom Reichert. “By providing training, expanding coursework offerings and prioritizing ethics, we are engaging CIC students and South Carolinians to harness the full potential of AI for the benefit of our state and our society.”

For more information about these initiatives and other current and future AI programs at the College of Information and Communications, contact Carol Kirkland at

About the College
The College of Information and Communications is fearlessly first at adopting, teaching and investigating AI and other emerging information technologies, because it leans into the intersection of its two schools—information science and communication. As a result, CIC students gain a competitive workforce advantage by learning how to gather and analyze data, and to responsibly create and share content using the latest tools and practices.